More Than Just Dance

Across all ages, styles, and experiences, Suzanne’s has always cared deeply about the individual development of our dancers. Whether as friends, followers of God, or members of a community larger than themselves, we strive to teach more than dance. What separates our dance studio from any other class or program is the fact that SSD is founded on a love for God, the art of dance, and a love for people. This difference is echoed throughout our programs. 

We also are advocates of the belief that dance is a process. While you become a dancer the moment you begin to dance, you never truly “arrive” or master every single technique. It is an art form that you can continually grow in and master. So, while we train our dancers to perform with grace and quality, we also care deeply about character development in our dance community. Our mission is to teach the technical side of dance as well as how to cultivate gifts and skills beyond the classroom. 

Dance is more than an action, so we invest heavily in the culture and lessons surrounding our practice. Our five core values as a studio are Worship, Respect, Joy, Communication, and Excellence. The Suzanne’s School of Dance community and staff all strive to cultivate these values in our dancers and curriculum. We believe that by putting Jesus first in all of our teachings, respecting each other both inside and outside the studio, developing positive attitudes, learning to communicate well, and teaching how these values can both inspire their dancing and affect their lives, we are teaching them to dance in the truest form. 

Dance is a process, and we are grateful for the opportunity to walk through it with your dancer every step of the way. Our dance curriculum isn’t just the practices or routines, but also the studio and mission beneath them. 

Want to join the SSD community? We’d love to have you.