Choose A Dance Class To Fit Your Child’s Needs

At Suzanne’s School of Dance, we care deeply about the needs of every one of our dancers. We know that every child is different, and not every class will be the perfect fit for every dancer. Here are some helpful things to note when choosing a dance class to best fit your child’s needs.

Ballet is the foundation of dance and the most important genre to start with as a dancer. It establishes dance foundations that your dancer will take with them throughout their dance experience and is a critical step in their development of correct technique. Our primary ballet classes introduce important concepts about the steps and grace of ballet, and we highly recommend them for new dancers.

There are truly so many different fun dance genres to choose from, and we offer a wide variety to suit our dancers’ interests. Our classes include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Pointe. In each genre, dancers will learn specific techniques like balance, rhythm, flexibility, and creativity that will contribute to their success as a dancer. Each genre focuses on certain skills that your dancer will be able to demonstrate at the end of each season. Some dancers will thrive in the freeform style of contemporary classes, while other dancers may prefer the more structured and rhythmic style of tap. We love offering all of our unique genres and watching classes fill with students of every kind! 

A Free Trial Can Help You Decide

Still not sure which class would be the best for your dancer? We offer free trial classes! 

A free trial class will give your dancer the opportunity to get a taste of a certain class and see what they like. After their free trial, you both will have a better understanding of the structure and flow of the genre and will be able to tell if it is a good fit for them. We have had dancers fall in love with a genre they never expected after trying a free trial class! You never know what genre may speak to you, so we love offering the chance to try them out. 

Still have questions about different genres? We’re happy to help.