The Sleeping Beauty - 2022
The Brazos Valley's
Premier Ballet Training Program


The Ballet Academy, housed at Suzanne's School of Dance, gives passionate dancers ages 7 and up throughout the Brazos Valley the opportunity to train exclusively in ballet. Each dancer receives individual guidance in their dance journey through professional instruction, individualized tracks, and regular evaluations. Emphasis is on technical training, performance quality, and building strength and endurance.
In addition to rigorous classes, dancers benefit from one-on-one consultations, goal setting, and regular progress evaluations with their instructors. We provide a variety of workshops and trainings for our dancers including the following: Injury Prevention Screenings, Dancer Anatomy, Pilates, Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), and many others. Dancers also have the opportunity to develop friendships through group activities, such as attending ballet performances in Houston, game nights, and cast parties. Dancers are challenged to their fullest potential in new ways as our talented instructors come alongside to help them reach their goals. Each dancer is truly seen at The Ballet Academy.

How to join The Ballet Academy

Dancers wishing to be considered for The Ballet Academy are required to attend an evaluation class. To schedule an evaluation class, and learn more about The Ballet Academy, please email