Highlighting The Way Dance Community Brings Dancers Together

One of the most beautiful things about dance is the way it brings people together. The Suzanne’s School of Dance community is unlike any other, and that’s because it’s founded on a love for God, a love for the art of dance, and a love for people. 

Along with learning foundational dance skills, many parents enroll their dancers in classes at SSD because they pave the way for priceless friendships to form. Our dancers learn teamwork in our group classes, practicing encouraging one another and learning from the gifts and skills of those around them. They get to experience firsthand the beauty of working as a team to create something beautiful through dance, and naturally create lasting memories and friendships along the way. It’s even more special to watch dancers progress through different classes and age levels together and grow up together over their time dancing at SSD. 

In the same way that learning to dance together is a bonding experience, watching your little dancer grow and develop is a bonding experience for parents as well! You may not know that when you sign your child up for a dance class, you’re joining a thriving dance community of parents and families as well. Our dancers aren’t the only ones that form lifelong friendships through dance! There’s nothing quite like dance to bring people together and create the space for bonds to form between people from all walks of life. 

Come for dance — Stay for community.