Want To Know Why Dance Is The Perfect Summer Activity?

As summer sneaks around the corner, the stress of finding a fun activity for your child may start to creep in. Luckily, Suzanne’s School of Dance offers summer dance classes! Here are just a few reasons why you should register your little one for dance:

Promotes Physical Health

Dance is a great way to keep your child active and healthy during the summer months. Not only does it provide a cardiovascular workout, but it also improves strength, flexibility, and coordination (with the additional benefit of staying in the cool AC)! Dance is a dynamic sport that will keep your children on their toes. 

Boosts Self-Esteem

Confidence will grow in your little one as they start to pick up on new dance moves and techniques. Getting in the groove of their newfound abilities brings a sense of accomplishment and pride. Having the opportunity to perform in front of others can also help build self-esteem and improve public speaking skills.

Encourages Individuality

Dance is a creative outlet that allows children to express themselves in innovative ways. Practicing artistic expression through dance increases creativity, imagination, and the development of a personal style.

Fosters Social Skills

In dance class, your child gets to join other students as they all learn new choreography and skills together. Dance is collaborative and requires good communication, teamwork, and respect. They will learn to work with others in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Cultivates Discipline

Dance requires dedication and discipline. Your child will learn the importance of practice and hard work in achieving their goals. Understanding time management at a young age helps them to properly prioritize future extracurricular activities and cultivates skills that can translate to other areas of their lives. 

Encourage your child to step into this new adventure! Sign up for a class at Suzanne’s School of Dance for the most fun summer activity and watch your child thrive both physically and mentally. 

Summer is right around the corner so don’t hesitate.