What To Wear On The First Day Of Ballet Class

The day is finally here- your first day of ballet class! Do you have everything you need?

First, you need to purchase the correct attire for class. Each of our ballerinas will need a leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes. Not just any ballet shoes will do, though. Make sure that you purchase real leather shoes from a dance store. That means no slippers from Walmart! To achieve real excellence in dance, you need the best equipment to support you.

Once you have your leotard, tights, and ballet shoes, you need to get your hair ready. Take some time to practice putting your hair in a nice, neat bun at the crown of your head so you’ll be ready to go on your first day. Make sure that all of your wispy hairs are smooth and slicked back against your head with gel or hairspray. On the first day of class, make sure to bring ponytails, bobby pins, and a hair net along with you so that you can get your hair all set and ready for dancing. If you like to use a bun builder, feel free to bring that with you too! When you pay attention to the details, all the way down to your wispy hairs, you’re really setting yourself up for success.

Now that you know exactly what to wear, you need to make sure you have a water bottle with your name on it to bring with you to class. You also need to print your name clearly on the inside of your dance shoes as well as somewhere on your dance bag to make sure they go back home with you and not another dancer.

To recap, you will need:
-Leather dance shoes (labeled)
-Pink Tights
-Hair supplies
-Dance Bag (labeled)
-Water bottle (labeled)

Let us know if you have any questions or need help gathering the right supplies. We can’t wait to see you on your first day of class!