What Our Dancers Enjoy About Dance!

On the outside, dance may just look like moving your body along with the beat of the music. If you take a closer look into a kids dance class, though, you’ll see that young dancers complete months of training and discipline to perform to the best of their abilities on stage. Kids dance classes encourage children to develop their character qualities as they increase their technical skills. At Suzanne’s School of Dance, our students know the challenges that come with learning dance. As they recognize the stretching that is taking place along the way, they appreciate the growth they see in themselves.

We asked some of our students why they love dance, and here’s what they said:

“I love to dance because it’s one of my favorite things to do and dancing is very special to me.” – Audrey, 4

“I love to move to the beat.” – Savannah, 6

“I love worshiping God and being with friends. I love dancing at SSD because the teachers are kind. They love Jesus and don’t want us to be perfect, but to dance with excellence and learn to be kind to others, too.” – Harley, 8

“I love dancing because it makes me feel free but also challenges me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.” – Zoe, 15

“It is a way to express words that can be hard to say.” – Madison, 16

No matter what age a dancer may be, they can all see and appreciate the beauty and discipline that come with dance. The combination of art and technique in dance is what develops character. In kids dance classes, we see skills like perseverance, confidence, and teamwork/collaboration arise in our students. When they walk out of the classroom, they take with them new life skills and an appreciation for dance that will last a lifetime.