Groups Lessons Vs. Private Lessons at Suzanne’s School of Dance

At Suzanne’s School of Dance, we offer both Private dance lessons and Group lessons. Each kind of lesson comes with its own objectives and benefits, but both are ultimately aimed at helping our dancers pursue excellence in their skills. So, what exactly is the difference between them? 

Group lessons

Group lessons provide a wonderful opportunity for dancers to grow in their skills while making new friendships. Having other dancers in class alongside them can help each dancer have healthy competition and push them to grow. There is an energy and sense of teamwork in a Group lesson that is different from a Private lesson, as dancers work on choreography to perform together as a group during Christmas Performance and End of the year Spring Shows. The camaraderie in this type of lesson allows for friendships between dancers to flourish. We highly recommend that dancers take Group lessons as they are important for the growth of a dancer and create a space for incredible memories to be made.

Private Lessons

Our Private lessons are designed for dancers who want to focus on mastering specific skills. They differ from the group lessons as dancers get more individualized attention and customized lessons. The one-on-one dynamic allows instructors to give more specific instruction that centers on skill areas where dancers need the most development. These lessons also allow for greater connection between each dancer and the instructor they look up to, and they create the space for more shy or quiet dancers to express themselves freely. Private lessons are shorter in length as well as more expensive compared to group lessons, but they are absolutely worth it for dancers who want to challenge themselves more on top of their weekly group lessons. We highly recommend that dancers take private lessons to focus on areas where they would like to grow in their skills.

If you have any questions about Private or Group lessons, please feel free to contact us!