Finding the Dance Class for You

For aspiring dancers of various ages, we offer studio classes, The Ballet Academy, and private lessons for your dancers. While still teaching traditional techniques and methods, Suzanne’s School of Dance teaches dance unlike any other studio in the BCS. We provide a place for each and every dancer in their individual journeys by offering numerous classes to students to encourage development, both as dancers and people. We do this by teaching and practicing our five core values: worship, respect, joy, communication, and excellence. These principles are what makes Suzanne’s School of Dance community a unique place to grow as a dancer. We believe that through these core values, in addition to our curriculum and training, we are teaching dance in its truest form.

For aspiring dancers both young and old, we offer studio classes led by experienced and devoted instructors who cultivate inclusive environments where students can thrive. We love to provide all dancers, ages 2-18, easy ways to begin their dancing journey, as well as create opportunities for your little dancers to start early! Our fall calendar can be found here on our website!

In addition to our studio classes, Suzanne’s School of Dance also houses The Ballet Academy for passionate ballerinas, ages 7 and up. The Academy provides them with the opportunity to train exclusively in Ballet and at an advanced level in order to further their personal dance styles and techniques. The Ballet Academy provides individual guidance through professional instruction, individualized tracks, and regular evaluations. We place emphasis on technical training, performance quality, and building strength and endurance.

Along with our studio classes and The Ballet Academy, we offer private lessons for individual dancers. We can match you and your dancer with an instructor in a customized lesson, whether it’s to help dancers focus on ballet technique or learn a new dance genre. Private lessons are available in every genre we offer and can be arranged to suit your needs. Suzanne’s School of Dance is a place for students of all ages and backgrounds to come together and share their passion for dance, creating lasting friendships along the way.

Have you been looking for a place where your little dancer can have community and advance their skills?